Well this week I have been feeling the same as last week with one change, my craving, this week has been chocolate milk, but everything else is pretty much the same as the last week, so Brandon decided to fill out the Q&A below are is his response... Enjoy :)



How far along?  we are 16 weeks

How big is the baby?  The baby is the size of an avocado

Sleep: Meh...busy work week with production and all. Our dog Dora has been waking up randomly at 2am and 3am barking for no reason..that hasn't been very fun

Best moment this week: All of it!

Movement:  Ileana said she felt the baby move but I didn't feel anything. I believe her though. I feel that way after having Mexican food.

Food cravings: Vess Cream Soda, and Imo's Pizza. I miss St. Louis.

Gender: We should know next appointment, 2nd week in April. In the meantime, say it with me...BOY....BOY...BOY...BOY!!

Labor Signs:  I'm already showing signs of antsiness

Pregnancy Symptoms:  She has been feeling restless lately

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Vess Cream soda and Imo's Pizza

What I am looking forward to: ...going back to St. Louis for a nice smooth Vess Cream soda and steaming hot pie of meat lovers with extra cheese from Imo's

Upcoming appointments/events:  Next appointment we will be able to know the gender, really excited for that

Milestones: I finished all client work and was able to finish my annual video reel, check it out!