the dreamI once read a quote on the newspaper that said, "If you want your dreams to come true, WAKE UP". I ripped out the quote and placed it in my wallet for years. Seven years later on January 1, 2011 was the wake up call to my life to my life. We do all of these years resolutions and usually do not follow through. Well I was determined; if we wanted our dreams to come true we needed to wake up and move on it. The first couple of months were rough due to time, but God had it in order. This month, my husband Brandon and I took the biggest leap of faith we have taken in our lives, we left our comfort zone to pursue our dreams, we have awaken. We wanted to start our own business, wedding photography and cinema.

may.22.2011 We had the privilege to photograph our first wedding and what best then to do capture our great friends, Allison & Jason's wedding. We love this couple so much! This day was beautiful, hot...but beautiful. We saw family and friends get together to cook, get ready and help out Jason and Allison with all the arrangements for their big day. It was a really special day that was cherished by family and close friends. This was the 1st wedding Brandon and I had ever photographed, yet it felt as if we had been doing it for years. This was so much fun and we look forward to the many more to come.


love note We love you guys and pray nothing but the best for your life. This is just the beginning to your new journey as a married couple. Take time for each other, go on dates, and communicate. Communication is one of the keys to a great marriage (so they say). We are rookies just like you guys!

Jason is an up and coming Christian Hip Hop artist from South Florida. Watch out for this power couple; Jason Hodges aka Dream Hodges aka The Dream (lol)  is coming out soon with his first album. Follow him on Twitter @DreamHodges. So, when is Allison's rap album coming out? LOL! - {b}

We leave you here with a couple of our favorite pictures of their big day.

with love. {ib}

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