What a week it has been! Brandon and I just got back from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for Yolianne and Armando's wedding. It was a beautiful weekend spent celebrating this amazing couple we love so much because they are also family. Yolianne and I are cousins who have been inseparable since the day we were born. And since we're only 8 days apart, we quickly became more like sisters.

For this post, we want to showcase their engagement session that took place in Lakeland, FL earlier this year. The couple wanted to keep them as a surprise to reveal on their big day. We had a blast with this session! Armando is in flight school to become a pilot so we thought it would be cool to take some shots over at the Florida Air Museum here in central FL. He was like a kid all over again! A priceless experience for them both!

Overall, the love was evident at every point of their session. They have been together for 4 years and out of those 4 years, over a year they've spent it long distance. Since Armando is in the Coast Guard, there were many times where their communication was limited and sometimes non-existent for up to a month. Throughout their entire engagement he was stationed in Key West, FL while Yolianne was back in Puerto Rico. All that to say, this couple is living testament that love conquers all and we are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to capture their love story.
Congratulations Armando & Yolianne! We love you both very much!
Stay tuned for the incredible wedding pictures that will be posted soon.