Words can't describe how happy I am for my best friend Terry! He is 1/3 of the infamous Trio, the band of best friends: Terry, John, and myself. John was the 1st to get married so I traveled back to St. Louis to be a part of the wedding party. Then I got married and they came down to Florida in which they were a part of my wedding. And now...it was Terry's turn!

About a month ago I had the opportunity to cover their engagement session. This was my 1st time seeing them together and interacting as a couple. She is just as silly as Terry is...they are indeed the perfect combination!

Unfortunately, due to the early arrival of our son Elijah I was unable to be a part of the wedding. However, I was able to still give my best man speech via phone! This power couple is now officially official since this past Saturday. Welcome to the family Landie! Terry, I don't how you got her but you did, hats off! HAHA jk!!

Love you guys :)