I previously met Mandi back when I was in high school. Having gone to a smaller school and attending the same youth group we had many mutual friends. At that rate we would consider friends like that more like family. Though I never met Danny prior to moving to Florida for 10 years, coming back this year and meeting him was as if I had known him that whole time.

During that time Mandi and Danny love grew stronger as they were put to the test of their lives. This video tells it all.


More on his story via Barnes-Jewish Hospital [http://annualreports.barnesjewish.org/stories/danny-strobbe/]

On the wedding day, there was a lot of emotion in the air and it was amazing to see all the love and support from their friends and family. The image on Barnes Jewish website tells it all, the photo of Mandi and Danny…Mandi clutching the arm of a miracle. Her strong faith, patience, and love can all be seen off 1st glance.

It's stories like these that makes me believe that love rules all, no matter the situation. I'm sure they were pushed to the limit and to see that Danny came out a surviver you can really see that he is stronger than ever. It was a complete honor to capture this day. We celebrate love with Mandi and Danny. Thanks you guys for being the example of how patience and love bring true healing.

Also, it was pleasure to be in a mini tornado with you guys post ceremony. It was definitely a first. Great times!! HAHA!