NYResolutions REvisited

How are those new years resolutions holding up?

Not so well? You stopped after week 2? Ha!

Well I guess all isn't lost just yet. It's the 7th month of the year and there is still time to get to it. P90x can still be completed before January!

Is it the same story for everyone, or is it me? The 1st week you’re in "get it done mode" and your feeling great. However, 2 weeks after that, the goals you set yourself slowly dies out or slips away. The same energy and discipline to reach those goals that was once in your life isn't as strong as they once were. Accountability is key. For me, Ileana was my accountability. She made sure I was on top of my year's goal and she made sure I had a plan. Truth be told, I haven't kept up with my goals like I should have. Don’t get me wrong, I was actually doing pretty good at the beginning of the year and accomplished some of them but I realize and know that I could get more of them done with better discipline on my end. Duh, right? Isn’t that they key to accomplishing anything, just by doing them?

How are your goals for this year working out? Have you accomplish at least one of them? Take a moment and revisit the goals you had set for yourself. Share them with a trusted friend. Have them hold you accountable for it. Take time, get serious, and get your butt to work. Those goals won’t get done by themselves.

One of the goals I had written down was for me to work on a personal projectIn my field of work, between clients through IB and my full-time job, I get to work on some pretty great projects! I noticed that ever since I graduated from college, I haven’t worked on a single project where I was the client. A project that was just for fun. Something that was just for me. It was for that reason I decided to add it to my goals for this year. "Do personal projects." I will create a series of themed personal work coming from various ideas and inspiration that have been on my mind. Also, I wanted to challenge myself to use mediums and formats I have never used before. Personal projects, at least for me, gives you an avenue to try techniques you wouldn't dare to try because you weren't sure how it would turn out. This is a place to make mistake and be ok with it. I hope to reach a place where my creativity is stretched and challenged.

These next couple months I will be working on those small projects that are not just something I have placed as my goals but at the end I hope they encourage you to follow your dreams and to work on your craft. Here is a preview of the first project I am working on-

Feeling stuck too?

Let me help you out.


Yourself is waiting to do something great and it can't get done without YOU.

Happy New Year! Again.


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