We took pride in forming part of Olga ("Kiki") & Gabe's journey towards marriage. Over just a few months, we got to know them and spent time capturing their journey that began with an engagement session. This was IB's first full covering from engagement to wedding day, and we truly enjoyed witnessing such special moments in their lives. I recall the time back in the day (but not waaay back) of my times getting to know Gabe, better known as Dunamis, back at the 88.3FM radio station in Miami where I used to occasionally DJ. But it wasn't until one of groomsman, Manuel "JBlaze", the founder and mastermind behind 88.3FM's radio show FNF Live, mentioned at their wedding reception how a certain lady used to faithfully visit the station on the nights Dunamis would co-host the show. I then started to remember and connect the dots on how their love story started…or at least some key moments that led to their wedding day. So again, we take great pride in having the honor of capturing their story through photos because we've become sort of like family...right? I mean, technically I WAS there as a witness on those radio nights :)

To the bride & groom:

This day overall was beyond beautiful! The love you two share, the love of your family and friends, but most of all the love of our God was clearly apparent on this day. Can't wait to see the great things God has in store for you guys. Kiki---your meekness shows your willingness to serve with humbleness and a kind-loving heart. Dunamis, your devotion shows dedication on how men should respond to the calling God has laid before us. We truly pray & desire nothing but His best for you! 

So what better way to recap a wedding with photos + film? Enjoy friends!


Just a quick, hilarious moment that happened at the reception. Very wrong, but oooh so funny!

Had to share! We may have to steal this idea for our next couples :)