A few years ago I prayed a prayer that would change my life. It was one of those prayers that I saw more as a wish that I threw up in the air hoping God would hear it. And He did.

I thought that it would be a little pre-mature for me to share what I think about a book before actually finishing it. But in this case, it's hard not to talk about "The Circle Maker" by Mark Batterson because it's that good! I have been reading and studying this book like a college student---highlighting every good point with an orange highlighter. Side note: only orange. Blue was too dark, yellow was too light, and pink...well that just isn't my color. So back to my life-changing prayer. Three years ago, I had many prayers. The major one was answered, and I have a shiny reminder that sits on my left hand 2 fingers from my thumb everyday. My prayers back then carried a lot of weight, because as a man, head of the household, I asked God to always provide for my family. Praying things like "Lord, whenever Ileana and I get around to having kids it would be pretty cool to have family around. And Lord, if it be your will, please give us a boy for I am the last male Brinkley to carry on the family name--amen." That was back in 2010, during our first year of our marriage we weren't really thinking about having kids just yet, if you know what I mean (HIYO)! Aside from all the "perks" of being newlyweds there was so much we had to learn.

However, by December 2012, our lives changed forever. We were pregnant. I was quickly reminded of what I told God 3 years ago. To this day, I still pray that prayer over us because I've seen His provision come in many forms. As any soon-to-be parent, I began looking for various opportunities to further my career---book weddings and other gigs to get things ready for the baby. I pursued opportunities where our family is and the door to St. Louis, Missouri has been opened for us. It's an opportunity that we could not pass on. As Mark Batterson says, "It may seem like God is no where to be seen, but maybe God is setting the stage for a miracle. This I know for sure: God is always stage right. He's ready to make His grand entrance. All He is waiting for is your prayer cue." The details seem crazy but we know He has all things under control and under His perfect timing. As I get ready to travel back to my hometown to continue in my Broadcast career, Ileana will be finishing up with her full time responsibilities here in Florida and the most important task of all, delivering our baby boy. Of course, I will be by her side a few weeks prior to the expected due date. But until then, Ileana will be under the care and protection of 2 very great friends, the power couple Sam and Desi.

All this to say, we are beyond excited to begin this new chapter in our lives! God has been with us. These past few months we've experienced some great moments in our growth as a married couple and as followers of Christ. We ask that you please keep us in your prayers as delivery date is upon us (August 22nd). By this time next week, my dog Dora and I will be in MO and I will be beginning my duties at my new job.

"If you want God to surprise you, you have to give up control. You will lose a measure of predictability, but you will begin to see God move in uncontrollable ways!"

We thank God for His peace in this season because we understand it's in preparation for something greater, that we will experience as a new family of 3!

We love you guys! And thank you in advance for your prayers, support and encouragement!