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#FlavorFest2011 - Promos Promos Promos

Ah, the month of September was a busy one for us as we were preparing for the biggest national conference to hit the Tampa Bay area. Ileana and myself serve as leaders of the media department at Crossover Church. Flavor Fest is the name of the conference and we were in our 11th year, 2nd year in the new digs. Conference is mainly geared for those who are in urban ministry, youth ministry, Pastors, leaders in their Church, artist and producers who are in the Christian Hip Hop industry. At night the campus was open to the public to experience the concerts, bboy jam, DJ expo and many vendors. It was a joy for the both of us to become a part of this conference. During the day we co-lead a track called "How'd They Do That" along with . Ileana's night consist of being the lead video producer which most of her time was in the both making sure video were looking good and online stream was a go. My action packed night was focused on filming the Recap video as well as getting artist interviewed for SOUL Mag TV. That's right, ibcreative, The SOUL Mag, and Flavor Fest teamed up to get production going on a pilot for a TV show pitch to a couple major networks.

This 1st video is the 2nd Promo for Flavor Fest 2011. The promo was mainly to showcase the idea behind the UNiTE theme while highlighting the speakers. Wanted to create something simple and different. Had a hard time finding a track for this video, that would have been the one I would have changed on it...many people actually liked it with it. I guess it grew on me!

Compiled footage over the weekend. This Next Day Edit (NDE) spanned from Friday to Saturday and was then shown 1st service Sunday morning. For better words, I didn't sleep at all...well, there were a couple 10-15min power naps to "refuel" was an interesting morning in our hotel room to say the least lol!

Here are some shots of the weekend:

Shooting a scene for Urban D's music video feat. Braille

Flavor Fest 2011 crowd during the Beat Battle

Snagging a few shots...

BTS - This was during the community outreach. Look out for this shot! I won't say how long it took for me to clear this tray...but it took a while :/

The last video is a promo for next year's conference. The footage was actually from the 1st video which is also from the pilot of SOUL Mag TV. We shot Pastor Tommy aka Urban D on location in Downtown Tampa. During the time that we were there I grabbed some b-roll footage of Tampa. My intentions were to use it for the pilot and to come back later to grab more around town. I most likely will still make a day to film and hit up all the various landmarks of Tampa. But for now, what I got worked for this promo. Throw in some color scroll, fresh text, trippy editing, hard hitting dubstep and you got yourself a pretty awesome promo!


Like I said before, be on the look later this Fall/Winter for SOUL Mag TV. We look good together lol!

S/O to my hommie Joesph from Elements Church in BX, NY for blessing me with the Gorillapod!! Got to chop it up after the track we lead and later on that weekend. Total surprise, helped out a ton that's for sure, God is good!

Oh...almost forgot...this is me the next day after I turned in the RECAP video. Didn't even make it out of the sound booth lol...this is sad...



Have a good one kids




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DIO: Save The Date, Invites, and Logos

- {b} DIO = Did It Ourselves. Sort of like DIY but not--It was a colab project between myself and the Mrs.

Like any wedding comes the crazy stress of planning, getting the word out, and getting closer to that epic 'I want to jab you in the face repeatedly ' battle between you and your spouse. I would also like to say that my wife and I have been happily married for 1 year and 5 months and our faces look amazing! Being the creative pair that we are our wedding had to show that side of us...starting with the logo and Save The Date.

And if you were wondering, the answer is yes...ibcreative does save the dates, wedding invitations, and programs ;)

The logo...I'm pretty sure I made 8 logos before we picked 'the one'. In picking 'the one' I realized that most of the designs that didn't make it wasn't that simple yet elegant look that we wanted. You know what they say...8th times a charm. They say that right?

The Save the Date. We had a dope session with our good friend Shawn Walker (check him out on facebook @! We took the pictures in Downtown was kinda weird being in front of the camera and not behind lol!

The Design. It was basically a mailout, so what better way to make it a postcard. We initially wanted it printed on recycled paper but the glossy club flyer type would probably be able to withstand the travel before it gets to the invitees mailbox.


The Invitations & Packaging. We wanted to keep the whole DIO feel so what better way to do so by keeping the brand up with our invitations. I designed a little booklet complete with a quote from the both of us, a verse, directions, and our wedding website. It was alotta fun putting it together, especially our self portraits. And need I mention our 1am run to the local 24 hr FedEx Kinkos.


What's that CD you say? That is a DVD of us giving the announcement of our wedding date and the trailer to "Our Love Story". The video was shot by my good friend and roommate at the time Daniel Bryant. Check it out:

And thats what happens when 2 creative people get together. Hey and there is 'ib' in ibcreative. Eh Eh!!


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TNT Kids Logo

Its not often we get to do a logo design but when we do it definatly gets our motors running doing something unique and different. Sometimes I think it reminds me of my lack of drawing skills...

And thats why I call it a sketch-up. Thank God for Illustrator and Photoshop eh!

But that sketch-up did lead to a pretty sweet kids ministry logo design!

The logo was for Iglesia La Viña del Señor, a Spanish church located in Miami, Florida. We got the project some weeks before their huge kids ministry conference. It was a truly an exciting time for that Church as they trained and re-casted vision for the kids ministry. The conference had a "Big Top Circus" theme. My only wish was to be there in person, how much fun was this!

[Photos Courtesy of Iglesia La Viña del Señor via Facebook]


I seriously love being apart of moments such as these and I'm excited for whats to come for this Church!

Check them out over at Facebook