On September 19th my college roommate married the man of her dreams! Jennifer and I met my first day on campus in the financial aid line when she interrupted a conversation between my mom and I. We began swapping stories on our journey thus far after high school and how we ended up where we were. Conversations went on throughout that orientation week and we ended up hanging out a lot. we've been friends ever since!

Jennifer and I were total opposites. She was a morning person, I was a night person. She was a planner and I was more the spontaneous kind. She watched the Food Network, I watched sitcoms. She was the clean and tidy one, I was the messy one. Regardless of our differences, our friendship flourished to what it is today. When we are going through our bad times we know we can count on each other and that is what friendship is all about. We might live many, many miles from each other, we might not talk for weeks at a time; but when we do meet and talk it's like we've never been apart.

Our SEU Days.

Our SEU Days.

I make sure that I always look out for my friends, especially when it comes to dating. I have really high standard for whoever is going to date my friends. Having met Eric in 2012 I could see why Jen had fallen for him. He was exactly what she had been praying for all this time. That was when I knew she had found the one.

Their wedding day was special, it was a beautiful day, full of romance. Family and friends gathered to witness the union of a very special couple. A couple that God had brought together. Seeing Jennifer walk down the aisle to the men of her dreams brought so much joy to my heart. God has truly honored her and the desires of her heart, I couldn't be happier.

I know great things are ahead for them and this journey called marriage. We pray for Gods best over your life's, over your marriage, family and the people you guys will impact through your marriage.

We love you guys!