Meet Kiki and Gabe.
We had the honor of taking their engagement pictures about two weeks ago in Coral Gables, Florida and we are so pleased with how they turned out! You can truly sense the love that Gabe & Kiki share. It's the type of love that is pure and kind.
One of the many reasons I love engagement sessions is that we have the opportunity to capture the time in the couple's lives when they are the most "in love". You know what I mean? Those"in love" moments before you learn that he likes the toilet paper placed under, not over like you or how he likes to put the wet towel on the bed after a shower, or that moment before he notices that she takes 2 hours just to shave her legs and wash her hair...those moments. We want couples to look back at their engagement photos and remember the reasons why they fell in love in the first place. To remember that pure and innocent love. During Gabe & Kiki's session that's exactly what was captured.

We are looking forward to what God has in store for this amazing couple with 2 months away from their big day!! Enjoy!