I know there will be a lot of my friends and family from Puerto Rico checking out this blog. So I will do everyone and myself a favor and reframe from wowing you all with my Spanish skills! Ha!

This marks IB's first destination wedding! Well, not really a destination wedding because it's really home for the bride and groom. But you catch my drift! This also marks IB's first Puerto Rican wedding! I have never seen family portraits taken during the actual ceremony, and I'll be honest, I was very nervous! Think about it. All eyes are on me, no 2nd shooter, and my Spanish..again, let's not go there. However, I have to say that I absolutely loved it! Much smoother than expected. Not one person felt rushed at any moment, even though I'm sure that there were many rumbling stomachs. But now that I have gone through the whole experience I can confess that my nervous assumptions were 100% wrong! From now on I may actually recommend that everyone take the family portraits during the ceremony.

For Yolianne & Armando, we held off on premiering their love story film until the wedding reception. It was shot during their engagement session we did a few months ago. And actually Armando's part of the interview was shot upon our arrival to PR the weekend of the wedding. Ileana nailed the NDE (next day edit).  Yes, Ileana did all the editing because her Spanish is way better than mine for obvious reasons. Oh yea -- DISCLAIMER -- the film is in Spanish. But Spanish is 90% hand movement so you will catch on ;)

Enjoy the film followed by some photos of their wedding day!

Congratulations Yolianne and Armando!! We love you both and wish you a life of happiness!